Precision Slicing

SlicingTech serves the needs of companies who require high precision, high volume wafer slicing.

Along with a wide range of Meyer Burger wafer slicing systems, we now feature the world-renowned, state-of-the-art Meyer Burger DW 288 Diamond Wire Slicing Systems for hard and brittle materials. 

Worldwide Service and Support

SlicingTech services customers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Please call (610) 588-7884 or contact us for an immediate, confidential consultation.

ITAR Registered

SPIE Corporate Member

Member of APOMA

Large Table Loading, Low Kerf Loss, Excellent Surface Finishes

– Large table loading capabilities enable us to slice thousands of parts in as little as three hour cycle times, resulting in the lowest possible piece price.
– Excellent surface finishes often reduce or eliminate additional machining operations, such as grinding or lapping.
– Low kerf loss results in high part yields per run.

Key Strengths

– Large installed base of Wire Saws and ID Saws
– "In house" processing of Wire Guide Rolls (over 40 sets available)
– Over 40 years of wafer slicing experience

These attributes contribute greatly to our ability to provide quick and efficient deliveries for any specified thickness on a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Materials Sliced

Fused Silica
Filter Glass
Fiber Optic Glass
Silicon Carbide
Impregnated Epoxies and Ceramics
Specialty Crystals (SGGG, GGG, Lithium Niobate)
Other materials can be accommodated. 


Industries Served

Optical Components, Medical, Industrial and Consumer
Medical and Industrial Lasers
Medical and Diagnostic Imaging
Aerospace, Avionics and Defense
Semiconductor Consumables

All materials undergo incoming QC, post cut cleaning, final QC review and above industry-standard packaging.
— K. Robinson, President