Our newest machine

Meyer Burger DW 288
Diamond Wire Slicing System

With the most advanced diamond wire saw in the world we can offer the most cost effective slicing for extremely hard materials such as sapphire, silicon carbide and ruby.

– 200 mm diameter capability
– High wire speeds up to 25 meters per second 
– Rocking angle up to ± 12 degrees (24 degree total)
– Fast wire acceleration
– State of the art coolant spray nozzle technology 

These key machine features produce the lowest cycle times, best surface finishes and lowest possible diamond wire consumption which is a major cost factor in the process.

Meyer Burger BS 805 Band Saw

– Slice/crop large blocks of glass and silicon up to 33" W x 33" L x 25" H
– Slices/plates down to 2mm thick and large block cropping capability
– Kerf loss approximately 2mm
– Surface roughness Ra down to 2 microns
–   Maximum workpiece weight of 1000Kg


Meyer Burger DS 261 (Slurry)

Our large installed base of Meyer Burger DS 261's (slurry) support our core business of slicing large diameter workpieces and large table loads of smaller workpieces.

Machine size capacity:
– Diameters up to 385mm
– Blocks up to 400mm (w) x 325mm (h) x 400mm (l)
– Load the large work table (300mm (w) x 400mm) with many small diameters for thousands of parts per cycle



Meyer Burger DS 261 Retrofit
for Diamond Wire

Provides for the cutting of large cross sections of quartz etc. with diamond wire

Slicing Tech-5826-2.jpg

Meyer Burger DS 261
R&D/Process Development Center

Dedicated wire saws available for testing of diamond wire, water based and glycol slurries, epoxies and consumables, etc.

Meyer Burger TS 23 ID Slicing Saws

– 6" maximum diameter
– Kerf loss .015-.025" (depending on diamond grit size)
– 8" diameter capability with rotary slicing system
– Orientation capability ±7° vertical and horizontal
– Maximum part thickness up to approx. 1.5"
ID slicing saws are ideal for small lots, material that needs to be recovered (i.e. Germanium), thick parts (over 10mm thickness)

Wire Guide Reprocessing

– 2 Studer S-33 support our WGR work
– 40 sets of WGR's provide for a wide range of part thickness capability
– Customized part thickness can be provided quickly
– Recoat/Regroove services offered for M&B, HCT & Takatori WGR

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Bekaert Wire Distributor

– With an installed base of Bekaert wire winders, we supply (wind) 160µm and 175µm wire on your OEM spools or disposable BS60 spools
– Wire is wound to customer specified length and pitch
– Other wire diameters available: 100µm, 120µm and 140µm

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Delta / SECASI X-Ray Goniometer

For measurement of crystalline material before and after slicing process.
– Measurement accuracy ± 30 arc seconds
– Capable of measuring ingots, wafers and wafer flats
– Special orienting/gluing stage for wire sawing