Delta / SECASI

Delta Technologies has over forty years of experience building high precision, production grade X-Ray goniometers for determination / orientation of crystalline structures. Delta's manufacturing program includes standard and custom applications for as-grown and shaped single crystals. The machines are easy to operate and have a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

SlicingTech is the exclusive US distributor of Delta Technologies (SECASI design) X-Ray equipment.

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Equipment and Specifications


– GM Series model with stainless steel vacuum holder for wafer face measurement up to dia. 200 mm.

Orientation measurements

  • Face of any crystal (Si Wafer, quartz, plate, bar, etc.)
  • Wafer flat
  • Wafer notch

Orientation processes 

  • Flat location on small ingots
  • Quartz bars before cutting
  • Special orientations on various crystals

Several versions 

  • For loads up to 10 kg
  • For loads up to 25 kg
  • Special configurations for loads up to 100 kg
  • Dual-station, including mixed versions with GM.SI or GM.WS stations
  • Dedicated holder for all applications

Angle display options 

  • Decimal: resolution 0.01°
  • Degrees, minutes, seconds: 1 or 5 sec.
  • PC and software: decimal and deg.min.sec.  
  • Standard or customized software. Storage of measured data.
  • Measurement accuracy ± 15 to 30 sec. depending on configuration


– GMRD Series 
Based on the widely used DELTA GM series X-Ray system, this equipment incorporates the same general features as the standard units.

However, in specific configurations for operation on a dedicated crystal and plane, it becomes an extremely accurate measuring instrument.


  • Wafer face orientation measurement
  • Wafer flat orientation measurement (with specific accessory)
  • Measurement of any crystal face orientation

Specific Features

  • Window type vacuum holder enables repeatable positioning of the wafer to be measured.
  • Spring loaded pusher is supplied for holding larger samples.

Operation performance on Sapphire 'c' plane

  • Accuracy better than ± 5 seconds

Contact us for information on equipment capability with other crystal and planes.  


– GM.SI 10/R X-Ray System with angular display of ingot rotation

Orientation processes

  • Flat & Notch on 'as grown' ingots
  • Flat & notch on ground ingots

Orientation measurements

  • Ingot Flat
  • Ingot Notch
  • Seed orientation (round or square seeds)
  • Wafer face
  • Wafer flat


  • GM.SI 10: Ingot diameter 75 to 250 mm
  • GM.SI 12: Ingot diameter up to 300 mm
  • Ingot length up to max. 800 mm or 85 kg


  • Angular display of ingot rotation
  • Angle display options as above GM series


The GM.SI series X-Ray orientation systems are designed for operation in combination with grinding equipment. The flat or notch orientation position found on the X-Ray machine must be transferred to the grinder.

  • Several orientation transfer configurations can be offered to suit most grinding and ingot holding systems. Description of various procedures on request.
  • Mixed dual-station versions, with GM or GM.WS  station as a second station.


  • X-Ray detection : ± 0.01°
  • Orientation process : ± 0.03 to 0.05°, depending on configuration.
  • Measurements : ± 0.01 to 0.03°

 – GM.WS Series model for ingot orientation prior to wire saw slicing

Ingot orientation prior to wire saw cutting

  • Software assisted orientation process
  • Storage of measurement and orientation data

Measurement and orientation of ingot axis

  • Special process and additional equipment available for preparation of 'on-axis' OD grinding of ingot. (data sheet on request)
  • Determination of <110> directions on <111> ingots
  • Information on request


  • Goniometric measurement : ± 0.01°
  • Ingot orientation process : better than ± 0.05°


  • The software performs the orientation calculation in such a way that the ingot remains horizontal on the saw work holder. The operator is guided by the software during the orientation process. Locks inhibit process progress until proper action is taken.


  • Several models are available to cover a large range of applications with ingot diameters from 2" to 300 mm and length up to 550 mm
  • Special/customized models on request
  • Mixed dual station versions, with above GM or GM.SI station as a second station.


– GMRD.WS Series 
Based on the famous DELTA GM.WS series X-Ray system, the GMRD.WS equipment uses the same orientation principle as the standard system (see GM.WS specifications)


  • High accuracy ingot axis orientation measurement
  • High accuracy orientation of ingot prior to wire saw cutting

Specific Features

  • Ground stainless steel rolls with pneumatically controlled downward
  • Pressure device enable perfect and repeatable ingot positioning.

Capacity of model shown: 2" to 4". Length 200 mm.
Other configurations on request.

Operation performance on Sapphire 'c' plane

  • Accuracy better than ± 5 seconds (0.0014°)
  • Orientation process better than ± 15 seconds (0.004°)

Contact us for information on equipment capability with other crystals and planes. 

After proper orientation, the ingot will be glued "on-orientation" on the wire saw work holder, to be cut.

In order to match the orientation accuracy obtained with GMRD.WS system, the GS series gluing station* can be supplied in a high accuracy configuration, enabling production of as-cut wafers with extremely high orientation tolerances.

Gluing accuracy with respect to saw work holder reference: 0.005 to 0.001°, depending on ingot length.

*Data sheet and detailed process description available on request.


 – PDR Series Double diffraction 

Orientation measurements

  • Face of quartz blanks, bars and of any crystal requiring high orientation accuracy.

Several versions

  • Single or dual station
  • Special model for orientation of doubly rotated quartz plates (SC cuts)

Angle display options

  • Deg. Min. Sec. Resolution 1 second
  • PC and software: decimal and deg. min. sec. Standard or customized software. Storage of measured data.

Measurement accuracy

  • Achievable accuracy : ± 2 seconds
  • Routine measurements : ± 5 seconds